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Stainless Flexible Protection Tube & Connectors for Optic Fiber and other related materials and accsessories.
Optical fiber safe in a metal tube, adds a new dimension to network security.
Lighter, smaller, and more cost efficient-it's just as easy to install as electronic circuits.

With PICOLOOP layouts can be wired in much the same way as ordinary electronic cable installations, and PICOLOOP does not require the carefully handling generally needed with conventional optical fiber systems.
PICOFLEC is version on PICOLOOP in a highly flexible metal tube with heavy duty optical connectors to match. It can be supplied in different connector types to meet specific needs.
PICOCABLE is supplied in continuous semiseamless tubing and is suitable for long distance communication purposes. It can be supplied in lengths of up to several kms without joints.

PICOLOOP fiber cables and accessories are designed for top performance, reliablility and easy installation for a wide range of applications.
`PICOSENSOR' is a heat resistant optical fiber in a semiseamless metal tube, and is capable of resisting temperature as high as 300 degrees C. It is now being used in many temperature sensing applications.
Features of PICOLOOP
1)Optical fiber cable is inserted in protective flexible stainless steel tube and then covered by a theath of fire-retardant PVC.
2)Any single or combination of strands can be inserted into a PICOFLEC: such as GI, SM,DSF,MGF,PCF,HPCF,APF or fiber ribbon.
3)The RAINBOWSERIES are available for circuit color-discriminated purpose. There are supplied in eight individual colors: Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Gray and Black.
4)Several types of heavy duty optical connectors strenghened by protective sleeves can be supplied.
These prevent the fiber from breaking at the terminal. Connectors conform to JIS F01, JIS F 04, JIS F05, JIS F07 and JIS F08.
5)Cables and connectors with up to eight strands are available as standard items.
6)Length of over 500 meters can be supplied.
7)This products can protect optical fiber from the bites and attacks by small animals such as mice and rats.
1)PICOCABLE is available in any materials, wall thickness and diameters as required. Typical selections are stainless steel, incoloy, inconel, nickel, copper, titanium, aluminum.
2)Any combination of optical fiber and number of strands can be inserted: GI, SM,DSF, MGF, PCF, HPCF, APF, fiber ribbon.
3)Various types of cable configurations are available to meet laying conditions: such as FPC, KPC and SS MPC types.
4)PICOCABLE armored construction enables it to be laid in difficult locations at remarkably lower cost than conventional fiber cable.
5)No special expertise necessary for installation. It can be laid in much the same way as ordinary electronic cable.
6)Special tools are offered for cutting semiseamless metal tube.
Optical fiber temperature sensor systems have been developed that have a wide operating range, and optical fiber temperature sensor can be supplied that satisfy the needs of many industries.
Metal tube availability: Stainless steel, incoloy, inconel, nickel,copper, titanium, aluminum.
Applicable temperature range: -196C to 300C

NITTETSU has succeeded in newly reforming a fragile optical fiber into a flexible and easy-to-handle metallic tube fiber-optic cable called `PICOLOOP`.
The PICOLOOP is produced with NITTETSU's two proprietary technologies: one is the metal making technology to produce heavy duty semiseamless metallic tubes; the other is the insertion technology to smoothly insert optical fibers into a metallic tube.

The PICOLOOP is produced based on data to set optimal manufacturing conditions depending upon individual metals.
The data has been continuously accumulated by Nippon Steel corporation, the oldest steelmaker in Japan. The PICOLOOP is also produced without heating the metallic tube because the unique vibration technique is adopted to ensure the transmission characteristics of the optical fiber.

Insertion process(large diameter)
The PICOLOOP manufacturing technology has been patented in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, China and Taiwan.

Patent Certificate of Insertion Technology
(USA and other countries)

Insertion Process(smaller diameter)
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